Obtaining a List of Applications


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Authorization Header

Your Admin in your Partner Portal account will need to create an API Key that you will use to obtain a list of /applications.

There are 2 endpoints you can access with a developer API Key found under the OneRoster module. A list of the districts that have given you access to their OneRoster server and the server details for connecting to that server.

Get Applications##

Let's fetch a list of applications with your API key!

Simply do a GET request with Authorization : Bearer {API key} as a header to https://oneroster-proxy.classlink.io/applications

This will return a list of districts that have provisioned details for your application if you intend to use the OneRoster proxy.

"status": 1
"id": 1176
"tenant_name": "ClassLink Demo"
"tenant_id": 2
"application_id": 57
"bearer": null
"name": "ClassLink"
"oneroster_application_id": "MoYPlyQWmG0%3D"

Get Advanced Server Details##

Now that you have a list of applications per district, use their oneroster_application_id to fetch the connection details for that server to connect directly to the districts OneRoster server instead of using the ClassLink OneRoster proxy.

Simply do a GET request with Authorization : Bearer {access_token} as a header to https://oneroster-proxy.classlink.io/applications/{oneroster_application_id}/server

  "status": 1,
  "server": {
    "client_id": "b008b35ac38bccb56a910e2323f66049",
    "client_secret": "",
    "endpoint_url": "https://server.example.com"
  "message": ""