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Obtaining User Data##

ClassLink can provide user identity and other data related to the user using OAuth2 Bearer tokens. This is useful when you want to implement a seamless login experience using ClassLink OneClick SSO.


Domains are for oAuth2 Only

Domains are only required if you plan on creating an OAuth2 enabled application. OneRoster applications do not require a verified domain.

Before you can start using OAuth2, you must verify your domain. Click on Manage Domains in the left navigation bar and click on Register new Domain.

After you add your domain, you will need to verify ownership by downloading a small file and upload it to the root of your web server.

Once the file has been uploaded, click on Verify and if all goes well, you are ready to create your first OAuth2 application!



You can add localhost or localhost:port as a domain and it will be automatically approved.

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Manage Domains

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